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No-Spill is committed to marketing safe, affordable, and easy to use portable fuel containers.

We not only meet or exceed all safety-related regulatory and certification requirements, but also enhance the safe and efficient use and storage of our products through innovative new technologies.

One such innovation is No-Spill’s patented Flame Mitigation Device (FMD), which is included in all of our portable fuel containers. Another is the exclusive No-Spill push-button control nozzle, which is simple to use and will stop the flow of fuel automatically, minimizing fuel spills when operated correctly.

It is a simple fact that gasoline can be extremely dangerous. No-Spill provides rigorous instructions for proper use and storage on every No-Spill gas can, along with multiple warnings and cautionary information for users regarding the many potential hazards that gasoline presents. Every user must read these instructions and warnings carefully before using a portable fuel container.

The industry’s first Flame Mitigation Device (FMD)

No-Spill invented the patented Flame Mitigation Device (FMD), which has passed and been approved by the rigorous testing under the latest ASTM-supported testing methods. This FMD is designed to provide an additional feature of protection for the user. Other safety measures, especially the user following all cautions and warnings, must be followed when using a portable fuel container. And, of course, it is important to note that no device will ever make it safe to pour gasoline on a fire, hot engine or to start a fire with gasoline.





 The FMD is an important safety device. Never attempt to Remove or tamper with the FMD on your No-Spill® can. 

The button makes it easy

The innovative No-Spill nozzle is emboldening our name, and gives our product unmatched flow and control. First, the button makes our product the easiest gas can to use on the market. Second, the Auto Stop™ feature automatically stops the fuel flow when the tank is full. Combine these with our ergonomic design, which includes a finger slot on the bottom of each can, and you simply have fewer spills.

Remember that gasoline is extremely dangerous so always read and follow all cautions, warnings and operation instructions. Do this and you can use No-Spill portable fuel containers with confidence.

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